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DTS Engine Dyno Service
SF-600 Flow Bench Testing
Dyno Tuning
Engine Diagnostic Service
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Superior Automotive High Performance Engine Services

Knife-edge crankshaft
Install Darton MID sleeves, big bore sleeves and oversize sleeves
Line Hone
Complete machining and balancing of all component parts
Piston modifications; rod modifications
All machine work done on the latest Rottler CNC equipment.
Our diamond hone finishes cylinder bores to within .0002" every time
Cylinder head porting & polishing
Flow testing
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Complete precision engine blueprinting and balancing; includes porting & polishing cylinder heads for maximum flow. HEAD WORK: Stage I - Port, polish, flow check before & after, mill surface for correct gasket seal, install high performance springs. Stage II - Port & polish, short term radius, reshape combustion chambers, install larger intake and exhaust valves & high performance springs, titanium retainers, Mill surface for correct gasket seal; flow test before & after.
Average gain from cylinder head porting alone is over 60 RWHP!
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Our engine combinations for street or strip (383 or 427) make maximum horsepower. Our cylinder head and cam packages alone produce 90-100 RWHP gains. Our 383 LS1 street legal engine rebuilds produce 575HP. The 427 C5R and LS7 engine rebuilds produce 700 plus horsepower. All work is done on state of the art CNC equipment. Cylinder bores are finished to within .0002" of each other. Engine blocks are precision machined to exacting blueprint specifications.
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Complete engine blueprinting and balancing, cylinder head porting and polishing utilizing 5 axis machining of ports for consistent port to port flow.
Custom camshafts designed
Stroker Kits custom engineered for 413cid, 426cid, 440 cid.
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DTS ENGINE DYNO SERVICE Engines are properly run on our engine dynamometer to insure that the camshaft, bearings, rings, etc. have the correct break in procedure. The engine is monitored for oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, temperature, etc. After break in and oil change, the engine is tested for horsepower and torque.
SF-600 Flow Bench Testing
SF-600 Flow Bench Testing
We use this valuable tool to measure the flow of your cylinder heads and set them up for maximum efficiency and performance, whether for street or track
DYNO TUNING Our shop features a high horsepower, state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer with advance instrumentation. Engines and specialty equipment are tested and evaluated to dial in the correct carburetor/injector/ignition/manifold combination for maximum horsepower and performance (street or strip). We have been developing and testing products for the auto industry for over 30 years. Through our experience and our testing program, we can get the maximum performance mileage from any vehicle.
ENGINE DIAGNOSTIC SERVICEIt's not just carburetors, points and condensers any more, but multiport fuel injection, electronic ignitions and computers. We are experts in finding and correcting hard to detect performance and driveability problems on any vehicle: foreign or domestic, street or recreational.
Carburetion and fuel injection systems Carburetion and fuel injection systems are tested under actual running conditions using the chassis dynamometer. Under load, the fuel system and fuel curve are analyzed; fuel pressure and volume are checked for each application.

Our Fuel Injection service cleans, matches and calibrates injectors. We can maximize performance and mileage by achieving balanced fuel flow.

Our Carburetor service entails recalibrating internal fuel circuits, rejetting, installing the correct combination of power valve or metering rods, depending on application, for optimum fuel flow.
Distributors on early cars can be rebuilt and upgraded The distributors on early cars can be rebuilt and upgraded to electronic ignition including complete disassembly, new bushings installed for alignment and the end play clearance corrected. On the later model distributors, new electronics are installed, including a new pick-up coil and module. The advance curve is then custom calibrated to each vehicle.
Vehicle is run on a chassis dynamometer and the ignition output is analyzed Many performance and mileage problems can usually be traced directly to a weak or inadequate ignition system. To properly identify these problems, the vehicle is run on a chassis dynamometer and the ignition output is analyzed. Then we modify the distributor curve and install a custom wire set, coil or computer chip for improved performance and efficiency.
Blueprinting an engine requires many precision machining operations Blueprinting an engine requires many precision machining operations

Block - Align hone main saddles, parallel boring and honing with deck plates, equal-distance decking.

Pistons - Checked for size and dome height and then pin fitted; pistons are notched where necessary for valve clearances.

Crankshaft - Magnafluxed, indexed, machined; oil holes radiused, journals micropolished. The compression ratio is calculated for maximum performance.

Balancing - The entire rotary assembly is precision electronically balanced.
STROKER KIT ASSEMBLIES for LS-1 and LS-6 Engines = 550-Plus Horsepower
for LS-1 and LS-6 Engines = 550-Plus Horsepower
Forged 4340 Steel, 4" Stroke, Reluctor Ring Installed
Connecting Rods
Pro Billet, 220psi Bolts/Ampco Bronze Bushings, 6.125" Length
Forged, Aluminum, 4032 Alloy with Ceramic Coated Tops
Plasma Moly 1.5 x 1.5 x 3mm
Tri Metal Clevite 77
Rotating Assembly Electronically Balanced on State-of-the-Art Machinery

Combustion chamber Volumes Equalized & Flow Enhanced

  • Full Port & Polish on Intake & Exhaust
  • Heads Flow Checked Before & After on Our SF-600 Flow
  • Bench Including Flow Chart
  • All Seats Machined on Serdi State of the Art Equipment Using
  • Our Exclusive Power Producing Venturi Contour Valve Seats.
  • Heads Are Milled Using CBN-PCD Cutter Technology for a
  • Positive Seal
  • Valve Spring Heights & Pressure Are Set
  • Positive Sealing Valve Seals Are Installed
  • Heads Are Vacuum Checked for Quality Control
  • Heavy Duty Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers Are Used
Blueprinted Cylinder Heads & Camshaft Package
LS-1 Blueprinted Cylinder Heads & Camshaft Package
Gain of 70-Plus Rear Wheel Horsepower!
CYLINDER HEAD BLUEPRINTING - The cylinder heads are magnafluxed CYLINDER HEADThe cylinder heads are magnafluxed; new valve guides are installed; a multi-angle valve job is done on a Serdi valve machine. Guides are machined for valve seals. The chamber volume in both heads is equalized. The head surface is machined and spring heights and pressures set before the heads are assembled.
All engines are assembled in a "clean" room and clearanced checked on precision equipment All engines are assembled in a "clean" room and clearanced checked on precision equipment. Camshafts are degreed to manufacturer's specifications. Camshaft and crankshaft clearances are set. Optional cam gear drives are precision set up and clearances set. The oil pump and oil delivery to bearings is modified for maximum flow. On most engines, oil galley plugs are converted to pipe plugs. Brass freeze plugs are used throughout. ARP rod bolts are used in the assembly. The cylinder heads are torqued to specification; the intake manifold is fitted for correct alignment to the heads. The front balancer is installed and exact top dead center established. The oil pump is driven using a special pressurized tank to get oil pressure to the complete system for a trouble-free start up.
Superior Automotive Video Library FEAR NOT THE HOLLEY

A new release from the Superior Automotive Video Library, Rebuilding the Holley Carb, takes the fear out of reconditioning and modifying the Holley 3310, 4160, and 4150 series four-barrel carburetors. Accompanied by easy-to-understand narration, this 30-minute video takes viewers through a typical rebuild where the smaller details are explained via close-up shots.
Numerous performance modifications are made to the example Holley 4150, including air-horn removal, milling the carb body for enhanced metering-block gasket seal, drilling the primary butterflies for smoother idle with wild cams, installing a metering-block vent baffle, idle feed-restriction hole enlargement, beveling the jet orifices, installing secondary jet extensions, replacing the secondary metering plate with a metering block, and more. To prove the value of the modifications, the 4150 is bolted onto a big-block Camaro and tested on a Dynojet chassis dyno where it produces an additional 23 horsepower.
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